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Are you looking for Hotel in Northern Cyprus ?

Cyprus is Largest Island In the Mediterrenan, offering 300 Sunny Days, warm Atmosphere, Cypriot Hospitality, and Great holiday option, Main Holiday places in the Cyprus are Kyrenia, Famagusta, Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia napa, and Limassol, Cyprus is only 4 hours away from UK, there is three airports in Cyprus, Ercan airport, Larnaca airport and paphos airports, Cyprus Capital city is Nicosia Local Name is Lefkosa,

Traffic in Cyprus : The Traffic is in Cyprus same as UK, drive from Left, and Traffic rules are same as other EU Countries. There is limit for Alchol so dont drink and drive, there is traffic cameras in most of roads so be carefull when you driving. You will see Signs English Greek and Turkish.

Peoples in Cyprus : Peoples in Cyprus, mostly busy with Tourism, the main Business in Cyprus is Tourism.
In villages and other places peoples busy with farming.

Currency in Cyprus : The currency is in Southern Cyprus Euro, Turkish lira use in North Cyprus, Before Cyprus joined in Eu Sothern Cyprus Money was Cyprus pound.

Education in Cyprus : Education level in Cyprus is high there is so many universities in South and North Cyprus.

Culture in Cyprus : Culture in Cyprus, in The south peoples are Catholic and protestant, and in the North Cyprus peoples are Muslim mostly.

Transport in Cyprus : Cyprus Local transportation is not so good, beacuse its small island and everyone mostly has got car, however there is local bus service available, Taxis are Mostly Mercedes, You can find the taxis in the taxi stop,

Dining out and Restaurants : There is plenty Local restaurant who serving local foods and also There is international restaurants available in Cyprus. Cyprus Cuisine is mostly Meat and Green, local peoples loves Greens, In every season they pick Greens from fields and make different meals.

Time in Cyprus : Cyprus is 2 hours ahead from GMT time zone.

Rent a car in Cyprus : You can rent a car in Cyprus All airports, and In City Centre, There is International Firms available in The Cyprus, Like Avis, Sixs, and Budget Car rentals, Rental agreements mostly same as other countries.


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